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ItemREF:  AAG39
Name:  Calix Goblet
A miniature, classic 17th Century style chalice,
embellished with 12 natural blue abalone stones:
overall height approx 7½(190mm). Calix is Latin for ‘chalice’.
Though this is a traditional chalice style,
it is much smaller than an actual one and intended for everyday use.

UK RRP:  GBP : £79.98

ItemREF:  AAG34
Name: Lord Byron Goblet
Authentic 'Ivorine' resin skull with solid cast pewter base
and removable hand-fashioned pewter lining. 7 ¾" (195mm) high.

UK RRP:  GBP : £199.99

ItemREF:  AAG27
Name:  The Chalice of the Last Judgement
This imposing 9.5” (246mm) high chalice, after Pugin,
commemorates the Archangel Michael’s
war in heaven against satan and the final day of judgement.

UK RRP:  GBP : £225.00

ItemREF:  AAG22
Name:  Angels of Enoch Chalice
Based on John Dee's 'De Heptarchia Mystica' of 1582,
and Edward Kelley's, scrying of the Angel Magic system of the Seven Rulers.
The names and seals of the seven Kings and their Princes
are inscribed around the base, while the cup is engraved with the seven

UK RRP:  GBP : £199.99

ItemREF:  AAG19
Name:  Modus Quintus Chalice
The personification of splendour and representation of the Mission of Amzer,
or 'The Fifth Way'.
The design is based upon the integer five,
and the Pentagramical Rose of philosophy.
Set with five red crystals, and standing 7ó" (190mm) high.

UK RRP:  GBP : £129.99

ItemREF:  AAG17
Name:  Poison Chalice.
A classic C.15th/16th chalice of grand proportions,
built on a sexfoil base with encroaching ivy,
and it's fluted column set with six red and black Austrian crystal
'poison ivy berries'. 7Ñ" (200mm) high overall,
the inscriptive band around the cup reads

UK RRP:  GBP : £129.99

ItemREF:  AAG36
Name:  Bats In The Belfry Goblet
Description:    A host of bats infest the ‘timber framed’
rafters of the amethyst wine goblet;
while bats claws feet clutch matching glass balls.
Approx. 230mm high
UK RRP:  GBP : £89.99

ItemREF:  AAG37
Name:  Raamael Pils Goblet
Description:    A garnet crystal is centred on the wings of
the ancient Hebronic demon.
UK RRP:  GBP : £39.99

ItemREF:  AAG45
Name:  Black Death Goblet
Description:    An authentic English Middle Ages plague cross stands
as tribute to the dreadfully ill-fated half of the population
which suffered unimaginable horrors and inevitably succumbed
in agonising death to the inexorable bubos;
with black glass goblet and vitiated, bone-resin plague skull.
UK RRP:  GBP : £129.99

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