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Oil Burners - Crystal Balls - Picture Frames
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ItemREF:  ASS60
Name:  Heironymus' End Timer
This black-sand, 15 minute glass timer is made-up from four Reaper's scythes and a
'breaking wheel' with four skull feet at each end, out of the copy book of the bizarre
"The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch.

UK RRP:  GBP : £149.99

ItemREF:  ASS53
Name:  Basilisk Sandtimer
In bone resin and pewter, a 15 minute black sand timer in the claws of terror.

UK RRP:  GBP : £79.98


Wall Clock

Name:  Grim Sage Wall Clock
Countdown the hours, minutes and seconds to your ultimate destination!
Solid pewter and brass, with quartz clock movement. Approx. 10 " (255mm) high.

UK RRP:  GBP : £129.99

ItemREF:  AAP4
Name:  Quinquerosa
Quinquerosa is the name of the alchemical symbol of the five petalled black rose,
combined with the pentagram of the microcosm,
which represents the achievement of the Opus Magnus and the perfection of man.
The triangular clock is representative of the al

UK RRP:  GBP : £179.99


ItemREF:  AAC56
Name:  Rosebone's Oath - Desk Set

UK RRP:  GBP : £54.99

Item REF:  AAC53
Name:  Bleeding Heart Desk Card Case
Spectacularly enamelled pewter hinged casket lid depicting
a testimony to a broken heart: credit card sized interior.
A new and special enamelling technique with
Medieval illumination-style angels and a mourning skull & bones.

UK RRP:  GBP : £37.99

ItemREF:  ASS21
Name:  Athelstan's Skullpot
The Northumbrian Saxon king's rare replica skull,
lobotomised around the ancient iron crown.

UK RRP:  GBP : £29.99

ItemREF:  AAC47
Name:  Mortalitas Pill Box
A miniature bedside skull to keep safe and remind you of your daily ration
of essential medication; with brass hinge and catch.

UK RRP:  GBP : £17.98

ItemREF: ASS57
Name:  Alchemist Skull Box
A sumptuously decadent and gruesome C.18th styled desk caddy
made from the true skull of the Alchemist,
(in bone resin with polished pewter tooth);
fitted with antiqued pewter furnishings and with lift - off lid.

UK RRP:  GBP : £159.99


ItemREF:  ASS51
Name:  Omega Skull
Life-sized Alchemist's skull, in aged bon-resin,
carved over its entire surface with all the symbolic wisdom of 7000 years of history.
With the traditional golden tooth.

UK RRP:  GBP : £49.99


ItemREF:  ASS19
Name:  Life-size Anima Wall Mask
The life-sized Alchemist skull in the form of a wall mask.

UK RRP:  GBP : £29.99

OIl Burners

ItemREF:  AO4
Name:  Sacramentum Oil Burner
Six gothic-tracery pewter panels make up this unique,
ambient centrepiece of aroma and light.
The base holds a T-light candle which when lit,
gently warms the fragrant oils to aromatise in the copper dish above.

UK RRP:  GBP : £89.99

Crystal Balls

ItemREF:  CB3
Name:  Eye of Astrontiel
Three statues of the prophesying Demon of Fate support the 80mm dia.
Moulded crystal sphere. Each one peers wickedly into his own 10mm,
volcano effect crystal, while being protected by an overhead pentagram.

UK RRP:  GBP : £55.99

ItemREF:  CB1
Name:  John Dee's Seal. Crystal Ball
Called the Sigilum Aemeth, the bone resin seal beneath the great
110mm Diameter crystal,
is a copy of that which John Dee,
personal astrologer and geomancer to Queen Elizabeth I,
was instructed to make in 1582 by the angel Michael.

UK RRP:  GBP : £137.99

ItemREF:  BE1
Name:  Cemetery Gate Book-End
Modelled on the famous C.19th 'Gaslight' photo,
believed to have been taken in Highgate, London.
9" (229mm) high. Black pewter and bone resin.

UK RRP:  GBP : £37.99

Picture Frames

Name:  Celestial Angels Picture Frame
The 5¼" (145mm) high gothic frame is supported by
two divinely angelic guardians.

UK RRP:  GBP : £32.99

Name:  Nosferatu
A wonderfully 19th century style gothic horror frame incorporating
all the features expected in a vampire's place of dwelling. 5" (127mm) high.

UK RRP:  GBP : £29.99

Name:  The Black Arcana Playing Cards
Deck of full colour playing cards featuring classic Alchemy Gothic Artworks.

UK RRP:  GBP : £6.50

ItemREF:  SOL1
Name:  Gothic Solitaire Set
14 Pewter pegs and triangular, scrimshaw decorated, resin board
with pewter corner fittings and baize base.
(Board approx. 11 x 11 x 11cm 41 /4" x 41 /4" x 41 /4").
A classic, idiomatic variation on this challenging, traditional solo game.

UK RRP:  GBP : £25.99

ItemREF:  DG1
Name:  Dragon
Dragon, Wizard & Fighter: A fantasy variation on the old
'Paper, Scissors & Stone' game. 2 Dice.

UK RRP:  GBP : £12.99


ItemREF:  CS18
Name:  Plague Cross Candlestick
Representation of a typical and once common stone plague cross
which stood in towns and villages all around Europe,
in doleful commemoration of their pitiable and multitudinous dead.

UK RRP:  GBP : £89.99

ItemREF:  CS17
Name:  The Light Of Death Candelabra
Imposing, elegant solid pewter candelabra to hold five candles
and hung with four clear Swarovski chandelier crystals.

UK RRP:  GBP : £199.99

ItemREF:  CS14
Name:  Sexspithra
Six-sided spider’s web candlestick and home to two crystal-bodied, deadly spiders.

UK RRP:  GBP : £38.99

ItemREF:  CS13
Name:  The Esoteric Star Chamber
A highly decorated pentagramic candleholder and five-sided box,
from the Tudor king's covert adjunct to their potent Star Chamber,
the Esoteric chapel, each side displaying
the repeated name of one of their five Angelic Principles.

UK RRP:  GBP : £49.99

ItemREF:  CS12
Name:  Celestial Light (T-Light)
The beguiling ‘hall of mirrors’ effect is created by
reflected candlelight on the angled mirrors,
hauntingly attended by angelic guardians. 5¾” (145mm) high.

UK RRP:  GBP : £64.98

ItemREF:  CS11
Name:  Domnesca
A hauntingly beautiful, empowering crystal is quiescently suspended
within this elegant, Transylvanian gothic centrepiece.

UK RRP:  GBP : £42.99

ItemREF:  CS10
Name:  Prince Consort Hurricane Lamp
A grand, high Victorian, antiqued pewter lamp holder in classic gothic-revival style,
incorporating an elegant, specially made clear glass chimney.
Standing 41cm (16") approx overall and taking standard 25mm dia candles.

UK RRP:  GBP : £97.99

ItemREF:  ASL2
Name:  In Terrorem: Ambix Mirror Sconce
A pair of the most fabulous imitation-ivory beasts are mounted
in front of a glorious gothic pewter-framed,
17" (432mm) tall mirror and candle sconce.

UK RRP:  GBP : £249.99

Name:  Bouquet of Black Roses
Five hermetic blooms in a posy-ring proclaiming the Latin
'In Eternum'; (Forever).

UK RRP:  GBP : £14.99

ItemREF:  BE19
Name:  Reaper's Arms Organiser Cover - Grey
Cast pewter centre of the Grim Sage and his badge of office.

UK RRP:  GBP : £47.99

ItemREF:  BE18
Name:  Terra Dragon Organiser Cover - Grey
The great World Dragon, who possesses all the knowledge
and wisdom of the earth from time immemorial.

UK RRP:  GBP : £47.99

ItemREF:  BE17
Name:  Thaumatogem Ringbinder - Red
Esoteric burgundy red leather-covered binder for the preservation of
magical works; with pewter, Pentagramic Amulet centre,
set with 9 large, faceted tanzanite & jet crystals.

UK RRP:  GBP : £99.99

ItemREF:  BE16
Name:  Vi truvian Skeleton Ringbinder - Red
A lavish, burgundy red leather-covered binder featuring
an intricately pierced brass and pewter skeletal
Vitruvian Man and Fibonacci's Golden Section.

UK RRP:  GBP : £99.99

ItemREF:  AQU2
Name:  'de Sade' Note Pad
Stunning note pad holder with Alchemy printed note-book.

UK RRP:  GBP : £25.99

ItemREF:  AQU1
Name:  'de Sade' Quill Ball Pen & Holder
Made to take standard refills the ball pen is modelled with an
enhanced traditional writing quill and rests in a faux 'ink bottle' stand.

UK RRP:  GBP : £28.99

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