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Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula is the legendary king of the vampires.
Immortalised on countless cinema screens by
Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Gary Oldman and many others.
Stoker’s inspiration was a real historical figure.
Vlad Tepes known as ‘the Impaler’ or ‘Dracula’ (son of Dracul) was
Prince of Wallachia (in modern Romania) three times in the 15th Century.


The father of Vlad ?epe? was Vlad Dracul (Vlad II).
This name Dracul means Dragon (and also devil)
and had been given to him because he was
always wearing a bright armor with a dragon on it,
sign of belonging to a special
Dragon Order for bravery against Muslims.

This Dragon Order had been created in 1408 to honor and thank the bravest Christians fighting on Muslim lines.
Valachia was on the border between the christian Europe
and the Muslim world (Turkey).
Vlad Dracul had been sent to Hungary and Germany by his father Mircea for his education.

According to Florescu and Raymond McNally's book
(Dracula A price of many faces) Vlad Dracul
was a bastered son of Prince Mircea and unknown mother.
Prince Mircea ruled from 1386 to his death in 1418.
Vlad Dracul, also known as Vlad II,
was bornt around 1390. As a heir,
Vlad Dracul claimed and won the throne in 1431,
beeing apparently the only living man who could prove
his right to the crown at this time.

He ruled until 1442 then from 1443 to his death in 1447.
He had three sons with a Moldovan princess:
Mircea (bornt in 1430 or 1431, died at his side in 1447,
burried alive by the Hungarians),
Vlad (Vlad III, Vlad Draculea, later Vlad ?epe?,
bornt in 1431) and Radu (bornt 1438 or 1439,
died from syphillis in 1500.
He was a rival of his brother Vlad for the throne,
he was quite loyal to the sultin and ruled from 1462 to 1475).
Vlad Dracul left Sighi?oara to Valachia when
Vlad Draculea was young, and became voivode of Valachia.

Vlad Draculea was bornt in November or December 1431,
in the town Sighi?oara in Transylvania where his house still stands.
His name means Vlad, son of Dracul,
and not Son of the Devil as we can find in some articles.
This is where this Dracula word comes from.

Young Vlad Draculea had a nasty adventure when his father left him as a security hostage to the Ottomans to proove his good faith.

During his life,
Vlad Draculea had the opportunity of winning a war
by putting his muslim dead enemies (turks) on pals.
Maybe this way of dying was not acceptable by their religion,
or because they where horrified by the forest of pals they met...
he ended up with frihtened them so much that he could win the war.
Turks gave him then the name Vlad ?epe?
that is still used nowodays: it means Vlad The Impaler.
It surely suited him, because Vlad ?epe? had decided to reign by fear.

Many people think that he could have been inspired
by the abominations which occured thousands of years earlier.
The Daces were the Barbarians who first settled in
Tranylvania (1st century B.C.);
they were real barbarians as they used to commit savage actions.

Among others, they used to sacrify young virgins
on pals once a year to communicate with the god of the deads
It looks like a Cthulhu story but seems true.

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