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Powerful Seals 

(from Dr. Johannes Faust's "Miracle and Wonder Book"
or "The Black Raven"
or also called "The Threefold Coercion of Hell")

The following seal helps your emotions and also your body.
Engrave the seal in gold in the hour of the Sun on Sunday before Sunrise.
If you carry it on you, nobody can harm your body.
You will also win in everything that you begin.
Everyone will be afraid of you.
With this seal, you can also make yourself invisible when you put it onto yourself in the hour of the Sun.

The next one is a seal with which you can bind and coerce all infernal spirits
when you show it to them during citations.
When you engrave this seal on silver and put it on a treasure,
it will cause the treasure to rise and the treasure will be yours
for certain and all spirits will leave the treasure.
This is the most powerful seal that you will ever find:

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