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ItemREF:  CW10
Name:  Mortius Skull Cruet Set
Salt & pepper - the spices of life,
now to be stylishly purveyed from the universal symbol of death;
cast pewter skulls with plastic food-receptacle.

UK RRP:  GBP : £32.99

ItemREF:  CW9
Name: 16 Piece Fairyfly Cutlery Set
Based upon some principle Art Nouveau design ideas of
Rene Lalique and Georges Fouquet,
this elegant, grotesque and tantalisingly enamelled, pewter-handled,
Sheffield steel cutlery set will mesmerise and intrigue any table guest;
16 piece, four place-setting.

UK RRP:  GBP : £350.00

ItemREF:  CW4
Name:  Wyverex Dragon Canteen of Cutlery
A 12-piece, four place setting set of silver plate cutlery,
consisting of four each of knife, fork and spoon.
Made of fine Sheffield steel with intricately modelled, cast pewter handles,
with a heavy overall silver plated finish. Supplied in a sumptuous box

UK RRP:  GBP : £219.99

ItemREF:  PL2
Name:  Wyverex Dragon Plate
Following a tradition going back to Roman Britain,
pewter was the most common type of plate used for
most of the later period up to the C.18th,
when porcelain succeeded.
Alchemy make a highly polished traditional
C.17th style 11" (280mm) pewter dinner plate

UK RRP:  GBP : £45.99

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